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On April 16, 2009 Next 10 and the ICCT convened a GHG allowance/fee revenue allocation workshop in Sacramento. A summary report prepared by meeting organizers presents the findings from this workshop. We believe that lessons learned will help inform decisions at the state level, and will also be helpful to policy-makers addressing similar questions at the federal level.

Energy Pathways for the California Economy evaluates the state’s energy demand and supply horizons, and the economic impact of accelerating deployment of renewable energy resources and energy efficiency trends in California. The report shows that the faster and farther California can improve household and enterprise energy efficiency, while accelerating deployment of renewable energy resources, the faster the state economy will grow and create jobs.

Investing in California explains what infrastructure is, how projects are financed, and what you can do to get involved.

Grapes, Electrons, Surf outlines different directions, trends, values, and options to create infrastructure investment solutions for our common future.

The 2009 California Green Innovation Index is a brand new report produced by Next 10 and authored by Collaborative Economics. The Index provides a deep analysis of key economic and environmental indicators that will help us better understand the role green innovation plays in reducing greenhouse gas emissions while strengthening the economy.

California Climate Risk and Response provides for the first time a comprehensive examination of the economic impacts of climate change and adaptation in California.

California Budget Choices answers questions about the budget such as where do revenues come from, where does spending go, and how do the continuing budget deficits happen.

The Carneros Innovation Dialogue report discusses innovative approaches to help spur investment in clean technologies.


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