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New analysis of California ZEV market finds state will meet or exceed 1.5 million by 2025 goal, and S-curve adoption is happening but charging infrastructure not keeping pace.

Ninth annual Green Innovation Index finds California clean economy thriving but emissions-reduction challenges loom; transportation sector emissions spike, pose major challenges to state's 2030 climate goals

First comprehensive cost/benefit study of state climate policies in Inland Empire finds $9.1 billion in direct economic benefits and over 41,000 direct jobs over seven years

Beyond the Gas Tax examines transportation infrastructure funding in California and how it compares to other states, highlighting potential options to help the state further address the current transportation funding gap.

The challenge continues to have shifted from mitigating deep program cuts and tax increases to making choices that will keep California moving in a positive direction. The state had a small deficit of $1.6 billion in January 2017, but, following the May Revise, the Governor foresees a $200 million shortfall absent corrective policy actions.

Location, location, location: real estate choices help California meet climate goals, grow local economies, and benefit residents

1st comprehensive cost/benefit study of climate policies in San Joaquin Valley finds over $13 billion in economic benefits, mostly in renewable energy

Eighth annual California Green Innovation Index find explosive growth in solar generation; clean technology hotspots in unexpected places

This year's California Green Innovation Index tracks key economic and environmental indicators at the regional, state, and international level.


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