California Choices November 2012 Update

October 9, 2012 was just relaunched for the November 2012 election, and the newly updated website examines the 11 statewide ballot measures and dissects available information into a highly accessible, one-stop-shop format.       The most popular section of the site continues to be the “Endorsements” table, which shows endorsements made by 25 groups of all political stripes for and against the 11 Propositions. The website includes detailed information about the ballot measures and the new “My Vote” tool, that allows users to access their voting preferences at any time from other devises, including their smart phone. Users can also Share their votes with family and friends via email or Facebook. Visit the updated site today at  California Choices is brought to you by Next 10, the Institute of Governmental Studies at UC Berkeley, and the Department of Political Science at UC San Diego.


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