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February 23, 2011
by Daniel Weintraub
Fox and Hounds Daily

The voters' lack of knowledge about even the basic structure of the budget makes the whole gambit even more of a challenge for Brown. "Many Californians do not know where the state gets its money and what it is spent on," said Sarah Henry, a spokeswoman for Next10, a Silicon Valley-based non-profit that tries to educate voters about the budget. "There is also a lack of understanding about some of the major proposals being considered by our representatives. But we think people have a great interest in learning more about the budget."

February 17, 2011
by Noel Perry
California Progress Report

To help make the proposals being considered in Sacramento accessible, Next 10 created the nonpartisan California Budget Challenge, an online budget simulation that gives a simplified look at some of the tough choices being discussed right now. In addition to displaying a selection of choices on topics from realignment to redevelopment, human services to education, along with tax options, users are presented with background information and arguments for and against each choice.

February 16, 2011

Yesterday, Next 10 released an updated California Budget Challenge to balance the $90 billion state budget. Next 10, a nonpartisan organization that encourages all Californians to look beyond just the present and think about the next 10 years and beyond, first launched the challenge in 2005 and has updated it every year since. The 2011 Budget Challenge allows you to make complex decisions with various options including proposals from Gov. Jerry Brown's budget.

February 16, 2011
by Noel Perry
Fox & Hounds Daily

The nonpartisan California Budget Challenge is an easy-to-use online tool that simulates some of the tough choices our legislators are facing. In addition to questions about education spending and income tax, users now have the opportunity to weigh in on topical proposals such as redevelopment, pensions, and extending the temporary tax increases that were set to expire this year to fund the realignment proposal and prevent deeper cuts.

February 15, 2011
by Allen Martin
CBS Channel 5, San Francisco



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